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Course leader: Mr G Lowe

Aims of the course:

The course will help you to develop your general study skills, but most of all you will learn to communicate at a higher level in German. You will also learn much more about a wide range of aspects of the society or societies in which the language is spoken.

Reading—You will be able to read, understand and extract information from written passages in the target language taken from authentic sources, such as magazines and newspapers, reports or books.

Listening—You will be able to listen to, and understand contemporary spoken language and answer questions on what you have heard. The passages that you will learn to listen to will be taken from a range of sources such as news reports on the radio or TV, weather forecasts, announcements, interviews and discussions.

Speaking and Writing—You will learn how to write essays or longer pieces and to hold conversations and discussions in the target language. You will learn all the appropriate grammar, words and phrases that will help you to:

  • Present information in the target language
  • Organise your argument
  • Provide opinions and justify them
  • Analyse your ideas

What are lessons like?

All lessons are held in specialised language classrooms.

Audio and visual equipment is available.

Course content:

Year 12 Topics:

  • Aspects of German speaking society: The changing nature of the family, The digital world & Youth culture: fashion and trends, music, television.
  • Artistic culture in the German speaking world: Festivals and traditions, Art and architecture & Cultural life in Berlin, past and present.
  • In addition to the above, you will also study a film.

Year 13 topics:

  • Multiculturalism: Immigration, Integration and Racism
  • Political Life: Germany and the European Union, Politics and Youth, German re-unification and its consequences.
  • In addition to the above you will also study a novel

How you will be assessed:

Year 13 A Level Exams:

Paper 1:

  • Listening, Reading & Writing – 2 hrs 30 minutes 50% of final marks

Paper 2:

  • 2 cultural essays; one on the film, one on the book 20% of final marks

Paper 3:

  • Speaking exam - 23 minutes, 30% of marks. Topic - Aspects of German society and artistic culture. Presentation of a research project on an aspect of German speaking culture of their choice.

Recommended prior learning:

  • You must have a C or above in German GCSE and be secure in your use of regular and irregular verbs in all tenses.

Recommended additional reading:

Where can this course lead to?

Learning another language can boost your job prospects as never before. For as well as traditional careers such as teaching, interpreting and translating, there are plenty of jobs for language specialists in industry and commerce.

Languages can boost your pay as well as your prospects: research shows that linguists’ salaries are on average 8% higher than workers without language skills.

[Career Mail: Daily Mail Thursday February 28 2012]

This course will be essential to anyone wishing to study German at degree level. Guidance on which course and where to study is also available.

Why study German at St Mary’s College Sixth Form?

A Level German is for you, if you:

  • are interested in people and want to be able to talk to them in their language
  • are creative
  • want to be able to express your opinions and ideas
  • want to explore the language in more detail than at GCSE
  • want to become fluent in another language
  • want to take part in debates and discussions in German
  • want to use IT
  • want to learn more about a wide range of subjects and issues that are important today
  • want good career and travel opportunities in the future