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Extra Curricular & Personal Development

There are a wide range of extra-curricular enrichment and personal development activities for students to become involved in at St Mary's College. These activities provide additional opportunities for students to develop personal qualities such as teamwork, leadership and communication skills that have a positive impact on attainment and achievement.


Explore – Experience - Participate

At St Mary’s College we firmly believe that a broad cultural education is the entitlement of all young people. As a result, we are passionate in ensuring that teaching and learning across the curriculum is enhanced with exciting, innovative and engaging opportunities which provide our young people with memorable and moving experiences. We believe that young people are entitled to:

  • Experience significant events as participants and audience members
  • Explore our local context and understand their place within the world
  • Participate in local, national and international events and have the opportunity to share their voice and shape the world in which we live
Scrcat Smc Enrichment 1200 X 900 Mm

To ensure that all young people experience these opportunities we provide an extra-curricular entitlement that focuses on ensuring that all students Experience, Explore and Participate in a broad range of visits, events and experiences across the curriculum. We are incredibly proud to pledge to provide all students at St Mary’s College with the opportunity to:

- Participate in sporting events

- Experience live theatre

- Explore the local area and conduct geographical investigations

- Explore our context and experience local heritage

- Experience a wide range of cultures through their foods, dance, music, history and languages

- Participate in leadership opportunities

- Experience a day at a theme park

- Experience regular opportunities for prayer and reflection and serve the local community

- Participate in enterprise projects

- Participate in marking important and significant cultural events

We know that our commitment to extra-curricular opportunities helps our young people to become creative, curious and confident young people who are able to:

  • develop confidence, interact socially with others and extend social networks beyond existing friendship groups
  • explore interests and discover new passions
  • develop understanding of the wider world
  • develop new skills, abilities and experiences which can support long-term career aspirations

Enrichment clubs: Timetable 2022

  • Full Club List 2022
    Team Sheet Square Sticker 1200 X 900 Px


    Club Name Location Year Group (s)
    Distinctive Club – Business/Enterprise D2
    The Ink Society P13 Y7-8
    UKMT junior Maths challenge R6 (Mr Skipworth) Y7-8
    Maths Homework Support R11/R12 (Mrs Hayes) Y7-8 (Sets 6,7,8 only)
    Art Club C9 C10 Y7-11
    Crochet Club C13
    Chamber Choir Music block Y11-13
    Street Dance Dance Studio
    Art Club P6 & P7 Y7-8


    Club Name Location Year Groups
    Debate Club T16 (12.40-1.05pm)
    Page to Stage ( Distinctive club) P11
    Read & Relax P17 All
    Boys Aloud - male voice choir Music block All
    Cipher/ Cyprography R7 (Mr Dale) Y7-11
    Food Skills 3.35pm C2 Y7-9
    Creative Art, Design & Media support Y10-11
    Junior Brass Ensemble 8.45am All brass players Y7-9
    KS3 Music Grade 1 Theory 12.45pm Music Block
    Dance club Dance Studio 3.45-4.30pm All
    Art Club P6 & P7 Y7-8


    Club Name Location Year Group(s)
    OMPs club P19 Y7-9
    KS3 D&T club C15
    Cake Decorating Club 3.35pm C2
    Creative Art, Design & Media support Y10-11
    KS3 Choir 12.45pm Music block Y7-9
    Wind ensemble 12.45pm All woodwind players
    Shakespeare Ambassadors 12.45pm
    Whole School Performing Arts Production 3.35-4.30pm Theatre
    Art Club P6 & P7 Y7-8


    Club Name Location Year Group(s)
    Cross Stitch
    History Heroes club T6
    UKMT intermediate Maths Challenge R10 (Mr Davie) Y9-11
    Maths Puzzles R6 (Miss Ponsonby) Y7-11
    Creative Art, Design & Media support Y10-11
    Celtia (Folk Ensemble) 8.45am All KS3 musicians
    Junior Orchestra 12.45pm All KS3 musicians
    Backstage Club 12.45pm Theatre
    SM6 Acting Company 3.30pm Theatre Y12-13
    Mindfulness & Me T16 12.45pm
    Culture Club S2 12.45pm Y7-9
    Art Club P6 & P7 Y7-8


    Club Name Location Year Group(s)
    Minecraft Coding Club D1 Y7
    Chatterbooks P17 Y7-9
    History Heroes T6
    Science Club F10 Y7-9
    Ecology Club F1 12.50pm Y9-11
    Fine Art Club (Distinctive Club C11 Y7-11
    SMC Singers Music block Y12,13 & Staff
    Drama Club Theatre Y7-9
    SM6 Dance Company (Competition Team) Dance Studio Y12-13
    Art Club P6 7 P7 Y7-8


    Club Name Location Year Group(s)
    Developing Polish Language & Culture Storey Centre - Saturday Polish School All

    Sports & PE Clubs